Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ron Paul: Freedom brings people together

From Snoop Dogg to Barry Manilow, the message of liberty presented by Ron Paul's presidential campaign is beyond profound. The United States is full of so many folks stuck in their red versus.blue tribal corners, yet the message of freedom cuts across divisions and unites people.

While other candidates take pot shots at each other for what they did or said on this and that policy, no one has had a more cogent message of how and why a free society is better than the status quo which exists today.

Ron Paul's speeches and campaign events attracts hundreds if not thousands of people. Why is this so? Why do droves of young people show up at campuses where Paul routinely speaks?

Again, the message of liberty is contagious and slices straight through to the fundamental question of how best does society want to organize herself and who owns you. Do you own your life? Or does someone else (the State) own you? Do you own the fruits of your labor or do you? Do get to determine how you spend your life and the fruits of your labor or does someone else?

These questions are obviously rhetorical and yet these are the ones only Ron Paul is asking. Maybe there is a method and reason why and the formula behind his success in changing the direction of the political discourse.

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  1. peace has been looking for so long but still there is a crime, killings and war. If they focus on economic resources especially on agricultural land, country never feel crisis.