Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Iowa Agricultural Land Inflation

A recent piece in Iowa Farmer Today discusses the increase in value of agricultural land in Iowa. Here are some excerpts:

Values increased an average of 2.8 percent between last September [2009] and now, according to the Iowa Farm & Land Chapter No. 2 Realtors Land Institute.
Combined with the 1.9 percent drop the Realtors survey showed for the previous six months, that means Iowa farmland values were up by 0.9 of a percent for the year.
"Positive factors in the market include: low interest rates, a lack of good alternative investments, a limited amount of land for sale, a drop in crop input costs and the fact land is seen as a safe investment."

Now, the article provides an excellent case study for the "laymen" to use Austrian economics for thoughtful analysis and dissect the economic reality affecting everyday folks here in Iowa.

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