Thursday, September 10, 2009

President on Health Care

After listening to President Obama speak for almost an hour on things he's said over and over and over for the past several months, I came away with the same questions in my head again that He failed to answer.

1) How do you increase the demand (insuring the uninsured), bring quality up, lower costs, maintain the current supply side (docs, nurses, hospitals, etc)? Don't these items all go in the opposite direction of decreasing costs?

2) How does our President expect to honestly pay for this program especially after the 10 year window the costs explode to close to $2T?

3) How can the President dismiss that there will be no rationing of care or decrease in quality to Medicare when it calls to cut some $600B funds from it? If this were simply fraud and abuse that they are going to remove, why isn't it being done today?

4) Why is it that the President cites "competition" and "choice" that consists of ONE that the gov't will control and regulate the benefits/costs? All of the new federal mandates will trump the state mandates if not add to the layer of limited options. If we're talking about creating choice and competition, why doesn't the president use the intended interpretation of the interstate commerce clause and open up new insurance markets between the states and have them drop ALL of their state mandates.

5) Why doesn't the President either all tax employer provided health benefits and/or give employees the same tax benefit employers currently enjoy? If we want to untie employer based insurance coverage, wouldn't this make sense?

6) Why hasn't anyone in Congress discussed the popularity and success of high deductible - health savings account style plans that millions of people love?

One last question...what gov't program has the gov't run well that is not currently insolvent?

I don't understand why health care reform even has to cost a dime....let alone $900B.

These are common sense solutions I think most people would understand.


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