Sunday, September 20, 2009

Intimidation vs. Liberty

I read a recent blog that describes what I can only classify as a pseudo hired gun to work in the St. Louis community with a primary mission to thwart the efforts of a sizable group of people who have become frustrated with the leviathan in D.C. These people have taken well disciplined steps to peacefully and effectively exercise their first amendment rights to petition their government and articulate their opposition. This "tea party" movement (which reportedly drew 1.5 million folks to D.C.) seems to be the equivalent of a barking dog guarding patrolling their owners property within a chain-link fence. The guard dogs refuse to stop barking until the intruder leaves the premises. American's are the well trained and obedient German Sheppard, and the progressive policy pushers are clearly the potential intruder who just do not understand why that damn dog won't shut up! People will never stop barking until the threat is contained and/or nullified. Most importantly, the guard dogs are extremely sharp and will not attack unless they are instructed to do so. These are not "wild" untrained dogs with rabies or looking for a human meal. They know their purpose and are extremely disciplined. They do fill a purpose to protect and serve Liberty.

In the article I mentioned above, it is clear that those in the progressive leadership cannot muster a cohesive verbal set of arguments to persuade the intended voters to support their policies. When given a choice between living a life rooted in liberty and the choice of someone else dictating they know the "one-size-fits-all" model for living ones life, the choice become simple and any further debate is futile. As a result, these progressives must then resort to tactics of physical and verbal intimidation with a potential intent to inflict physical harm on others to push their agenda. Have these people no integrity or reason to their actions? Are we so addicted to handouts that people cannot grasp the basic essence of rugged individualism? A political arm or party who assigns designated hitters to "deal with these 'tea partiers'" truly frightens me and I pray that the intended targets of force who do pose as opposition use the primary weapon of self defense, which is not a firearm. These weapons are cameras and recorders so that any type of oppressive stunt is repelled by utilizing youtube exihibits A-Z. No matter what happens in life, standing up for yourself and the principles that made this country great will never grow old. Liberty will never be a "handout" because it already belongs to us.

I believe I am in the majority when I say I value my liberty more than the price of gold. It is not something you can put a value on. No matter how many "freebies" someone throws into the communal public policy collection plate, I choose to have liberty for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 days a week and twice on Sundays.

I hope you will join me.

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